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This makes me sick. Our schools are run down. Teachers are quitting because of low pay (among other issues). Teachers still have to spend their own money on basic classroom supplies. Example: For the entire first semester of school, I had over 200 students. Now I have a mere 193. How far do you think my $200 in BEP money to spend on instruction is going to go? It is a ludicrously small amount and hasn't changed in the 15 years I've taught public school in TN. I'm still asking parents to donate paper towels and kleenex to my class. Textbooks? Forget about it. I've taught 3 different high school classes in the past 10 years that had NO textbooks. Then people wonder why kids don't read well. But a new dome for a football stadium? That shows what our governor truly values...and that isn't children's education.

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